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To make sure you are up to date with everything that goes on, in and around Ranfurly Residential Care Centre we will have everything here for your viewing convenience.

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Autumn Newsletter

Posted on 6/10/2021 by

Autumn newsletter



This year we have seen a new Senior Team Evolve.


Nickolle Welsh continues as our Clinical / Quality Manager. Nickolle has been with us for the last five years. Nickolle as the Clinical Quality manger is very passionate about her role. Nickolle would like to thank everyone that has been so supportive of the staff at Ranfurly, and the lovely messages families / Whanau leave. Nickolle strives to ensure that the clinical team does the very best they can for the residents. The support that we’ve had over the year is greatly appreciated.


Hazel Mulligan has moved from the role of Apartment Team Leader. She has taken up position as Senior Nurse at Nelson Residential Care Centre. We continue to see Hazel from time to time as she is still art of our bigger family.


The Apartment have had a busy Year, they have seen some changes, and Hazel has spread her wings and Gurinder Bir is taking the lead in the Apartments. Gurinder welcomes all the new residents in the apartments, making them feel welcome and warm.  It is great to see our longer residing residents looking after her and making Gurinder and our newer residents feel welcome and at home.

Gurinder informs me that she has an 8 year old boy Armaan.  Gurinder came to New Zealand in 2008. She comes with a vast clinical background and holds a senior nurse portfolio. Her goal is to get all the staff working together as a close team.

Her hobbies include watching movies, Netflix and going out for dinner.

Marama Taueki-Shannon “Mar”, has taken on the challenge of Ranfurly’s Dementia Unit as Team Leader. Mar is a mother of two Maya who is 13 and Austin 6.  Mar has been with Ranfurly Residential Care Centre since 2012.  Mar moved to the Dementia Unit at the beginning of the month and her goal is to get the residents engaged and interactive with, staff and each other.  She wants to make it a happy place for everyone.  Mar is a lady of many talents and she’s not one to shy away for any challenge. She likes to tackle them head on, we have now provided her a helmet and a safety vest. There is no stopping her now.

Wilfred has come a long way on his Ranfurly Journey and at the start of the month travelled just a little further to the Apartments. Wilfred is expanding his skillset and learning everything he can.  For those that haven’t met Wilfred, he is originally from the Philippines and moved to NZ in 2008.  And he always worked in the Aged Care sector. Wilfred stats “I enjoy interacting with the elderly and supporting them in their journey”. He belongs to the Catholic Church and spends most Sunday visiting other Catholic churches in the region and in his spare time visits the sick and frail providing additional support to them in the community. 


The Kitchen has seen some changes too. Larry Roy has gone to Nelson Residential Care Centre. Most of you may 

have seen or met Lisa Downs by now; she is quickly becoming an asset to the team.


Lisa Downs is the new Kitchen Team Leader.  She is married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  She has been working on a dairy farm for over 30 years.  Lisa starting cooking 10 years ago and she always wanted to work in the aged care sector as she knows that one day she will end up in one. Lisa would like to contribute to the sector by ensuring nice nutritious food.



We couldn’t leave the Admin Team out. Not that they have seen any changes.  The whole Admin team wish everyone a fantastic remainder of the year and they are looking forward to supporting residents and families in during this time. If you have any financial question or concerns Maree would be more than happy to make time for you, just pop in and see her next time you’re in.



Carolyn, our Household supervisor would like to remind everybody of our labelling service. Since having this service available, the number of unnamed items appearing in the laundry is just about non-existent. If you would like anything labelled all you need to do is just ask at Reception for a form. If you haven’t paid in the past the cost is only $50.00 for all your items to be done. The labels have a permanent adhesion bond and won’t come off like the older style iron on ones.



The Care Givers and Registered Nurses (front line troops). This dedicated, diverse bunch have been a true asset. They remain the glue that holds the wheels on the bus. We’ve seen a small but consistent turn over this year. But I’m glad to say this turnover has been related to staff furthering themselves, growing and developing their skills and finding new paths in their careers.

With the colder weather approaching I do need to put out a reminder regarding Hot Water Bottles, Wheat Packs / Bags and Electric Blankets……… These are not permitted to be used on site. These all bring substantial risk to the facility and residents. Within the last year we have had two instances where wheat packs / bags that weren’t permitted on site made their way into a microwave and started smouldering. These have the potential to cause real harm and nobody wants that.



Over the last few weeks we have been doing our annual Tag Testing of Electrical equipment. In my last letter we emailed out last month I said that there would be a small charge of a dollar per item tested. The data is being collated so these invoices will be coming out soon. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting me directly.



We are Having our Family / Whanau meeting next month on Friday evening (630pm), the 25th June. Everybody is welcome to attend. We will introduce the new staff so you can put a real face to the names, ask questions and we’ll even look at throwing in some education for you. I will send out a reminder at the start of next month with an RSVP, just so we know what numbers to be expecting. If you have a burning topic you’d like to learn about let me know and I’ll try to arrange for this to happen.