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Our Model of Dementia Care

Care for residents in our Secure Dementia Care unit is based on the V.I.P.S. Model:

  • Valuing the person with dementia
  • Individual approach
  • Understanding the Perspective of the person with dementia
  • An enriched Social environment.

Ranfurly Dementia Care unit (RDC) is restraint-free. Any challenging behaviours are managed by staff being aware of each individual resident’s triggers and ways to diffuse any potential or actual situations that may arise. All staff working in the RDC unit have had training specific to the needs of residents with dementia and training is continuous. 

Lorena the Dementia Team leader has created a peaceful and friendly environment which results in the residents having a very calm and settled experience daily.   

Our Dementia Care unit is located within the main Ranfurly Residential Care Centre building.  It is well signposted and has keypad entry doors.  Family are welcomed and encouraged to visit as able.  Visitors are always welcome.

We are able to offer permanent, respite and day care for people assessed as needing dementia level care.  This assessment is commenced by the GP or by the hospital (if an inpatient).

Lorena Tanner is our dedicated RDC Team Leader. Please feel free to contact her for all inquiries for our Secure Dementia Care unit.

Ranfurly Dementia Centre - RDC Gallery
imgRDC - living area
RDC - living area
Communal area inside RDC
imgRDC - Large internal courtyard
RDC - Large internal courtyard
Looking forward to summer activities out here
imgRDC - internal grassed area
RDC - internal grassed area

For further information...

To discuss our Ranfurly Dementia Centre further please contact Lorena on 06 323 5050 during work hours or you can email her on


Residents who require specialist dementia care are unfortunately not capable of organizing their own affairs and require another person to do this on their behalf. In respect of the Resident’s financial affairs, this person may be a Property Manager or Enduring Power of Attorney. In respect of the Resident’s Health and Welfare requirements, this person may be an Enduring Power of Attorney. If the Resident does not have an Enduring Power of Attorney we require that one is appointed as a matter of urgency. In cases where the resident is unable to sign in agreement of the Enduring Power of Attorney, it may be necessary for a guardian to be appointed by the court under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act (1988).