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To complement our hospital level care unit and Dementia Centre we also have Residential Care Apartments, or 'LTO's'.  These rooms are larger than the regular rooms and have a private lounge, en-suite and kitchen area.



These are available as singles (one bedroom) or as doubles (two bedrooms) suiting married couples or partners; siblings or good friends. Currently we have apartments 9,20,23,28,31,32, 38,39,46 and 47 (single room apartments) ready for immediate occupancy, along with our double roomed apartments, apartments 4 and 12.  Make inquiries today while they are available




These are initially purchased either by the family or the individual, and have an ongoing residential care fee - the same payment required anywhere once assessed as needing 24 hour care. This will be paid privately or via the super and government subsidy, depending on asset thresholds (this is established by WINZ / MOH, not RRCC staff).


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To discuss our Residential Care Apartments (LTO's) further, please ring and talk to our Facility Manager, Darren McKean on 06 323 5050 or email,, alternatively please contact our General Manager, Virginia Dyall-Kalidas on 021 713 939 or email,

Residential Care Apartments Gallery
imgExternal Courtyard between Apartments
External Courtyard between Apartments
imgApartment Corridor
Apartment Corridor
imgOutside seat
Outside seat
imgApartment Courtyard
Apartment Courtyard
General Information
  • At Ranfurly Residential Care Centre, we have one bedroom and two bedroom Residential Care (or internal) Apartments.
    • Our apartments provide a bedroom with built-in wardrobe, an en-suite and an additional living / lounge and kitchen area  - which can be furnished as you wish.
  • Our one bedroom apartments are $135,000.00 to purchase and our two bedroom apartments are $210,000. (As you can see, the purchase prices are below the current asset threshold level). The apartments are purchased with an Occupation Right Agreement and are called 'Licence to Occupy' (LTO).
  • To be eligible to purchase an apartment the resident/residents must be assessed as needing 24 hour care - at either Rest Home or Hospital level care. This assessment can be organised via your GP and a Needs Assessor from SupportLinks will visit you at your home. If you are in hospital, the assessment can be commenced there.
  • The fee for care is the residential care fee.  This figure is assessed annually by the DHB and usually increases on 1 July each year.  This is paid privately, or via WINZ / MOH as the 'residential care subsidy'. Eligibility for the residential care subsidy is individually assessed based on asset thresholds set by the MOH. The asset threshold level is currently $224,654 (single / widowed, or both partners in care, or total assets with one partner in care).
  • The LTO purchase means you remain in this room for as long as you require care.  If you come in to care at Rest Home level, you may be later re-assessed as requiring Hospital level care - you will stay in your apartment and receive full hospital level care. The only time you would need to go elsewhere is if you needed specialist dementia care, which we can provide in our secure Dementia Centre.
  • We provide all nursing care, food and fluids, most medications, medical visits, full laundry and cleaning services along with all maintenance, building insurance, rates etc.
  • You will need to furnish the rooms including providing your own bed. We will provide a hospital bed if / when you are assessed as needing hospital level care.
  • You will need to provide your own contents insurance if you wish to have it.
  • At present we have one bedroom and two bedroom LTO's available for immediate purchase. Please contact our Facility Manager, Darren McKean, or Virginia Dyall-Kalidas.